Great moments in visualization

I was examining some data, and these surprisingly cool looking images popped out. I'll bet you can't guess what this is. But go ahead, give it a try!


Well it's from a screen saver, of course, specifically Dymaxion Map.

These images are maps translating Equirectangular coordinates (longitude × latitude) to XY coordinates on a flat image containing the triangles of the traditional Dymaxion projection. Input XY are the pixel positions on the input Equirectangular image; output XY coordinates for the Dymaxion image are packed into the RGBA color values at 16 bits each, though I had to delete the alpha channel (and thus the top 8 bits of Y) to make anything show up. The two images represent the same mapping, but the second one is at half the resolution of the first: the colors and shapes are different because the coordinate space is smaller, and smaller values affect the coloration.

It's not a particularly useful visualization -- it clarifies nothing -- but it looks cool.

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Mask Mandate

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