Robot war dogs hunting migrants now

Dystopian robot dogs are the latest in a long history of US-Mexico border surveillance:

Each is embedded with different types of cameras (thermal, night vision, long-range) and sensors (chemical, weapons detection). DHS praised the device's ability to cross multiple terrains -- including sand, rocks and hills -- and its durability in high heat and cramped spaces.

DHS' choice of vendor sparked additional concern. While most police departments leased their pups from Boston Dynamics, which forbids customers weaponizing any of their tech, DHS chose Philadelphia-based Ghost Robotics. Late last year, the company debuted a version of its robot dogs equipped with long-range guns capable of hitting targets at a reported 1,200 meters.

DHS's oddly cheery blogpost also implied the robots would be used beyond the border itself, including "towns, cities, or ports'' where DHS agents might encounter dangerous conditions. Federal officials have increased authority to stop and search civilians within 100 miles of the border, despite fourth amendment protections against arbitrary or excessive stops and seizures.

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Pandemic Cartograms

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