"The milk would not become the blood of Christ."

Pastor Resigns After Incorrectly Performing Thousands of Baptisms:

Saying "we baptize" was incorrect. The Vatican instructs priests to say "I baptize," and if it is not said that way the baptism is deemed invalid.

Church leaders investigated and determined last month that Father Arango had incorrectly performed thousands of baptisms over more than 20 years, meaning those he had baptized in Phoenix and at his previous parishes in Brazil and San Diego were not properly baptized.

The oversight has caused headaches for those now seeking answers about whether their faulty baptisms have spilled over into other elements of their Catholic faith. For instance, would it affect those who were married by the church?

"Maybe! Unfortunately, there is no single clear answer," the Diocese of Phoenix answered online. [...] It is a "requirement for salvation," according to the diocese.

Just as a priest should not use "milk instead of wine during the Consecration of the Eucharist" -- when the Catholic faith says that the wine becomes the blood of Christ -- a priest should also not alter the wording of the sacrament of baptism, the diocese said.

The milk would not become the blood of Christ, the diocese said, and, similarly, a wrongly worded baptism would not purify a person.

This puts the OPM hack to shame. In liturgical terms, this is like discovering that not only has your server had the default root password for years, but there's a rootkit, and it was installed by SATAN HIMSELF!

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