Mapping the celebrity NFT complex

Who doesn't love a good crazywall?

I find the world of NFT-flogging celebrities fascinating, both because of the visceral, skin-crawling embarrassment I feel when I see people like Fallon and Hilton half-heartedly try to express enthusiasm for their expensive new Twitter avatars, and also because it gives me the sense that there is something going on behind the scenes here that I am not quite privy to. Where does a person like Paris Hilton or Eminem even hear about "bored apes"? Who is recommending that they buy one? Is this really the best thing any of them can think to do with their money and fame? [...]

If you pay attention to both the Hollywood trades and the crypto press, and smoke enough weed, you can begin to pick out the contours of an expanding, interconnected, celebrity-based web3 financial-cultural complex: [...] If you have access to a free trial of some chart-making software, you can even begin to make a corkboard map of this emerging web of ownership, business relationships, and incredibly bad art.

I don't quite know what to make of this. Is it a ... scam? A dodge? A conspiracy? One of the funny things that the world of web3 seems intent on revealing is the extent to which the boundaries between concepts like "Ponzi scam," "pyramid scheme," "multi-level marketing," "conspiracy," and "just regular old financial capitalism working as intended" are not really as clear as we might like or hope. [...]

One reason the clip is so weird and funny is that it's not all that different from Hilton going on The Tonight Show and talking about her favorite penny stocks, while Fallon enthusiastically confirms that he's invested, too.


What you'll be seeing for the next period of time is very desperate promotion of NFTs and Crypto to wider and wider audiences, because now it's a race: Finding marks before the marks hear that NFTs and Crypto are scammed up garbage selling bridges and swamp land as get-rich.

It's going to be weirder and weirder to see how easily those nice-looking people on the tv and the movies and in the cables and the streams are made to stumble haltingly over the dumb, dumb language of NFT/Crypto, but don't worry

It'll be over soon

And we'll have right-clicked

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