Inside the White House's all-out effort to keep Biden from COVID

And the rest of you can go fuck yourselves, I guess:

When President Joe Biden met with U.S. governors at the White House on Monday, he was the only one given a glass of water -- lest anyone else remove their mask to take a drink. [...]

It's no surprise that unusual steps are taken to protect any president. But the strict precautions could also threaten to undercut the Biden administration's own efforts to tell Americans -- especially those who are vaccinated and boosted -- that they can get on with something closer to their normal lives in the face of the omicron wave. [...]

For months, Biden aides have fretted that the people who are most protected against COVID-19 remain the most cautious, a dynamic they view as a drag on the nation's economic and psychological recovery.

Now I'm just an unfrozen caveman -- your masks and germ theory of disease confuse and frighten me -- but maybe they are the most protected because they are the most cautious.


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Xinfly All-Inclusive Male Massager

Finally got my emacs setup just how I like it.

buttplugio: Imagine the design considerations when this was invented.

janetlieberlu: This music is way too chill for how utterly terrifying this device is. It's all soothing phrases and then "Smear the Orange anus lubricant..." hits you...

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