Meat Spill

An offal mess: 300 kilograms of animal carcass spread across a Melbourne road

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9 Responses:

  1. Looks like the truck made a quick stop and the cargo sloshed over the top of the cab. That much have been quite something.

  2. prefetch says:

    The spotlessness of the cab would indicate the whole lot fountained up and over, which would have been quite a thing to witness. Except of course if you were in the car that got hit. Here's hoping for dashcam footage.

    And an open trailer in the Australian summer sun? That would have been an olfactory treat to travel behind.

    • Line Noise says:

      It was 30°C (86°F) that day!

      • Flotsam says:

        30C? Sounds chilly to me. It was 50.7C (123.26F) the other day in Onslow, Western Australia. That equals the current record for anywhere in Australia.

        • Line Noise says:

          Yeah, maybe we should send all the Climate Change deniers to live out there. In Melbourne 30°C is just a pleasant day to spend at the beach . . . as long as you're upwind of any offal spills.

  3. Jeff Allen says:

    What an offal headline pun.

  4. pinback says:

    Truck was on the way to Woop Woop?

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