I too have wanted to shoot the Internet, and/or Comcast.

Multiple bullets hit Xfinity fiber cable, causing outage in Oakland:

The outage happened before 5 a.m. Sunday after a shooting near the city's Eastmont Mall, and affected about 20,000 customers across Oakland, according to an Xfinity spokesperson. The outage affected all of Xfinity's services, including Internet, TV, phone and home security systems.

Normally you only see that kind of marksmanship in superhero movies.

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8 Responses:

  1. cmt says:

    That's your diskworld million-to-one chance, right there.

  2. Dusk says:

    "These blast points... too accurate for Sand People. Only Imperial stormtroopers are so precise."

  3. tfb says:

    We used to live on a farm which was about a mile of overhead phone cable from anywhere. We regularly had phone outages (this was long pre any dream of internet in the UK) due to the cables being shot. OK this was shot from shotguns not rifles: rifles are a lot more impressive assuming it was a mistake.

    I guess in the US this would be rednecks in the woods shooting the cables for fun ... in the UK it was bankers whose aim was laughably poor: there was a pheasant shoot which appealed to would-be county types who it would just have been better if they had shot each other instead (perhaps sometimes they did).

    (And now I am fantasising about stalking the current UK government in those woods armed with a shotgun and enough ammunition. Obviously just a fantasy.)

    • phuzz says:

      Why not just leave the torys in a wood with shotguns? I'm pretty sure they'd end up shooting themselves. Possibly in the foot.

    • David Konerding says:

      The absolute best monty python sketches (IMO) are the ones where they make fun of the upper class. In the upper class twit award sketch he does indeed discharge a firearm irresponsibly.

  4. Dude says:

    MonkeyBrains and Sonic ain't fuckin' around anymore!

  5. Let's see, did they ever figure out who shot up that electrical substation in Coyote Valley...? Looks like no.

    • thielges says:

      It is pretty much a cold case, there were no follow-on attacks and the substation is now heavily covered by CCTV.

      But at least the case of the mystery shot out windshields that were occurring a few miles down 101 in Prunedale has been solved.

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