Quietly and over some objections, a national digital vaccine card has emerged

Whether they realize it or not, about 200 million people in the United States now likely have access to a Covid-19 digital vaccine card.

The fact that the system exists in any form is a triumph for a loose coalition of technologists, nonprofit groups and mostly Democratic states that championed the development of a digital vaccine card even before the first coronavirus shots were administered. [...]

In California alone, 7 million individuals have downloaded their QR code, and he estimated that about 80 percent of the vaccinated U.S. population of 247 million people have access to a SMART Health Card if they want one through either their state health authority or the site where they were vaccinated, such as a pharmacy or a hospital. [...]

But people involved in the project said it may have gone more smoothly if President Joe Biden had agreed to coordinate it. [...] Anderson said other countries haven't always known whom to speak with in the U.S. to plan cross-border systems. "They're turning to the states, they're turning to VCI, and it's a challenge for a state to conduct foreign diplomacy," he said.

Oh hey that's me:

"We won't be safe until venues are able to require SMART Health QR codes and stop accepting paper cards, or photos of cards. And that won't happen until state or local governments mandate that," said Jamie Zawinski, a software developer who also owns a night club, DNA Lounge, in San Francisco. He requires customers to have the QR code or, for now, their paper CDC card.

DNA Lounge not only requires people to display the QR code, but it also scans the code using a smartphone app to verify that the codes are authentic -- making the club one of the few businesses anywhere in the U.S. to take that extra step.

The primary scanning app available, the SMART Health Card Verifier App, has been used about 750,000 times this month, and the trend line indicates usage is doubling month over month, Anderson said.

So... those 200,000,000 people with access to QR codes have scanned them 24,000 times per day. That's 0.012%. That's not a lot.

I mean, in the last 30 days, DNA Lounge alone accounted for around 0.23% of the total number of scans nationally. That's like 1 in 440.

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