Lauren Boebert will make you shit blood

How did I miss this the first time around?

Lauren Boebert's pork sliders poisoned dozens at a local rodeo, sending some home with bloody diarrhea:

Shooters Grill, which Boebert co-owns with her husband, has a schtick. Wait staff are required to wear holstered and loaded guns as they serve customers. (For years, they were not required to take training courses.) [...]

Shooters Grill made the news when the state temporarily revoked its license for re-opening amid the coronavirus pandemic in defiance of the governor's orders. [...] But local health officials were already familiar with Boebert's operations. In 2017, authorities cited "an unlicensed temporary retail food establishment associated with Shooters Grill" for a mass food poisoning incident during the Rifle Rodeo at the Garfield County fairgrounds. [...]

Officials who later visited the restaurant suspected that the pork had not been stored at a safe temperature. They found that Smokehouse 1776 had no "cold holding" or "hot holding" mechanisms in place, and that the restaurant "does not maintain temperature logs so there was no way of showing that food was kept at proper temperatures." [...] They also reported "bare hand contact with ready to eat foods, no handwashing station [and] no barrier protection from insects."

A Boebert spokesperson told The Beast that the restaurant "did not receive a fine or have any other type of disciplinary action." [...]

The health department report said "100% of those interviewed with diarrhea ate pork sliders."

These days, Boebert is a conspiracy theorist who wants to abolish the Department of Education and does not believe that comprehensive sex education should be taught in schools.

She supports the bizarre but ascendant QAnon movement, the far-right fringe group which believes President Donald Trump is on a divine mission to arrest thousands of celebrities, Democrats and members of the "deep state" for allegedly running a global pedophilia ring and eating children.

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  1. Derpatron9000 says:

    Honestly, this has it all. A bar called shooters where staff had loaded weapons, no way to wash hands while preparing/serving food, qanon shit, literal bleeding shit. Stay classy.

  2. Jungle Dwayne says:

    Can you imagine reading "She supports the bizarre but ascendant QAnon movement, the far-right fringe group which believes President Donald Trump is on a divine mission to arrest thousands of celebrities, Democrats and members of the 'deep state' for allegedly running a global pedophilia ring and eating children." in a 1995 near-future SF novel? I would have thrown the book across the room.

    • jboy says:

      Really? It's basically just Dune by 1990's Neal Stephenson.

      My main gripe would be that "Lauren Boebert" is kind of an underwhelming name for a Stephenson character. What about "Psycho Antagonist"? or "Yours Trumpy"?

      Or at the very least, a gun-licking, leather-clad, Iron Sky-esque crypto-fascist named "Lauren Order".

      • jboy says:

        > a gun-licking, leather-clad, Iron Sky-esque crypto-fascist named "Lauren Order".

        Ladies and gentlemen, I give you: Vivian Wagner Lauren Order.

  3. Soupdragon says:

    As a non-American, I've only just realised that this woman is not Lorena Bobbitt.

    • Jon says:

      I had to look up Lorena Bobbit.. but.. hahaha.. very good! If we scroll back far enough we probably find her in this blog. :-)

    • Dude says:

      Lorena Bobbitt is a Latina who righteously fought back against an abusive white man (her husband).

      Lauren Boebert is a white woman who supports abuse from white men because she thinks women are property with no other purpose than baby-makin'.

      • jboy says:

        "Righteously"? Lorena & John Wayne Bobbitt were both crazy. Neither of them were on the righteous side of the story.

        His later convictions for battery & theft made it clear that he was abusive towards women and he had an alcohol problem.

        Her examples of his abusive behaviour (as told to the police when she was arrested for cutting off his penis) included "He always have orgasm [sic], and he doesn't wait for me ever to have orgasm. He's selfish."

        Being a selfish lover is possibly grounds for divorce, almost certainly not grounds for genital mutilation.

        And just to quote even more obviously from Wikipedia:

        John was later acquitted by a jury of nine women and three men of rape. He gave multiple versions of what had happened that evening in question, relating at various times to police and to the court that "they had not had sex; that Lorena had tried to initiate sex, but he had been too tired; that they had had sex, but he had slept through it; and that the sex had been consensual."


        After seven hours of deliberation, the jury found Lorena not guilty due to insanity [...] As a result, she could not be held liable for her actions.

        So yeah. Nothing "righteous" happened that day.

        • Dude says:

          That's your half-assed defence of a man who regularly beat the shit out of his wife, including - and specifically - the night she cut off his dick, which was the very catalyst for her doing so?

          By all means, Trump, tell us how white supremacists aren't too bad because there are "fine people one both sides".

          • jboy says:

            Uh-uh, you don't get off that easy. I never defended the guy. In fact, I pointed out that he's A Bad Person. It's right there in my post, in non-editable text, just above your icon. I'm no defender -- and certainly no fan -- of John Wayne Bobbitt. Comparing me to Trump doesn't buy you anything.

            I'm simply pointing out that you occasionally post some self-righteous bullshit ("who righteously fought back") when the facts really don't support it.

            For example: The fact that he abused and almost certainly raped his wife previously has nothing to do with the fact that he was White and she was Latina. It could have been any two races, and it wouldn't have changed the fact that he was a complete dickhead (until she cut him off -- sorry) and she did something that can in no way be described as "righteous". And yet you made it all about her "righteously" fighting back against "an abusive white man".

            Not to mention your hypocrisy that non-consensual genital mutilation is OK when it happens to one sex but not to the other (I assume). Does anyone commenting on this blog think that women are not deserving of equal respect & self-determination as men? Does anyone commenting on this blog think that Female Genital Mutilation is OK? Do I really need to spell this out? Check your equals signs.

            By the way, now that you've got me started: It was a bit of a Dick Move (We do all love our Rick & Morty references around here) to make fun of people who get "triggered" (your word, not mine) about climate change, the environment, or pollution, when you get just as "triggered" (your word, not mine) about anything with even the slightest possibility of being interpreted through a racial lens. [For example: a Latina & a White man, when it was really just a dickhead husband & a temporarily-insane wife.] If you're a decent person, show some empathy for others who care about similarly-important causes.

            There, now that I've vented that: I hope we can be friends in the future. Please don't compare me to Trump, even allegorically. I do not like Trump. I suppose Trump is my trigger.

            Wanna talk about movies?

            • Dude says:

              I didn't read any of that long-winded word-vomit because incel shit puts me to sleep.

              • jboy says:

                You've already posted that image in the past to other people who disagreed with you. I remember it, because I've bothered to read your comments.

                I'm a bit disappointed that you won't even engage with legitimate criticism. It undermines your credibility and makes your self-righteousness seem hollow.

                I want to believe the best about everyone, so I hope you can change my mind in the future.

                • Dude says:

                  Since I don't wanna clog up Jamie comments with my mocking of your abuse-defending, move it to my site, where I can fall asleep there.

  4. Flotsam says:

    Gun nuts. People with bloody diarrhoea. That's the Venn diagram I have been waiting for.

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