I'm In This Photo and I Don't Like It

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  1. Can relate.

    I'm a German living in Japan. In Germany, all hells broke loose, but people are without masks in soccer games. In Japan, case numbers are low, but you can be on the top of a mountain, lined up in front of a store for lunch - and everybody is using a masm.

    • Matt says:

      German here as well; at least in my city (in the North) I rarely see anyone in shops or on the train not wearing their FFP2. Unmasked football games, even with 2G (which is called for, but rarely enforced) are nuts of course. I loved mask-wearing etiquette in Japan even before the current pandemic; longing to return. Stay well!

  2. Elusis says:

    We were looking forward to dinners on 12/20 and 12/24. The organizers cancelled 12/20. Yesterday morning the restaurant for 12/24 (tiny, seats 8) called to confirm... and in the afternoon I said to F "we should cancel." He's stopping by to at least buy a few bottles of wine from them to try to help with keeping them going.

  3. db48x says:

    I _wish_ there were still diners open late around here. The ones that used to stay open until 2am now close around 8 or 9pm. The last place to close is the Cheesecake Factory (which is open until 11pm) and they’re not exactly a diner.

    I’d be at a diner right now if one were open.

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