The best thing about this is how all of the girls in these photos are just Not Having It.

The Fantastical Hobbyhorse Universe in Finland

Hobbyhorse riding and competitions are a growing subculture among teenage girls in Finland, in which enthusiasts make, care for, and, of course, ride their make-believe horses. The horses -- stuffed heads on a long pole -- are painstakingly looked after, with some residing in their own makeshift stables. [...]

During the summer many girls attend summer camps around Finland where they can improve their dressage and jumping skills. [...]

For years, this practice of the Finnish subculture has been considered a secret community subjected to stigma and bullying. Many of the girls lead a double life where their practice is a big secret they don't like to share.

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5 Responses:

  1. Pavel says:

    That's just how Finns smile.

  2. Rob says:

    Love this new Wet Leg video

  3. Brian says:

    There was a full-on documentary about the Finnish hobbyhorse movement a few years back:

    Hobbyhorse revolution (IMDb)

    Summary (Windmill Film)

  4. Erin M says:

    I named my hobby horse "Perkele".

  5. dzm says:

    In fairness it really democratizes the horse fetish tween girls seem to have for horses, is WAY less expensive, and doesn't end up with a neglected animal stuck in a stall behind the barn.

    I bet hobbyhorses aren't born looking for an expensive and impractical way to die like the real ones are.

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