Extremely soothing polyhedra

Anthony James:

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  1. MrSpookTower says:

    Wasn't expecting to hear an old classic by HTRK today, but there it is in the first video. Sucks that they didn't even get a credit. Hope they at least got a little money out of it.

    • Nick Lamb says:

      Indeed. One good thing about Youtube auto-content matching is that there's an excellent chance it will tell you that the noises you liked on that video you randomly happened to look at are named Some Title and are by Some Artist, maybe Youtube will ensure they get a revenue cut, but far more importantly at least you can find out without plaintively asking in the comments of a video uploaded six years ago.

      A cut-down version of the tech that does this is built-in on Google's branded phones so that you don't need one of the dubious third party solutions that involves sending some cloud service what you're hearing, but Youtube can afford to spend more than a few megabytes of RAM and a few CPU cycles to do it for an enormous library of music on their servers.

  2. GregV says:

    Made me think of Android Lust: Stained

    Shame there isn't a better quality version on YouTube. Even their official channel is over-brightened 480p.

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