Don't Look Up

Critics of "Don't Look Up" Are Missing the Entire Point:

Indeed, the film does depict a media that is more concerned with celebrity relationships than with climate (or rather, comet) science. But it does not have a nihilistic view of Americans. Not in the least, and this is critically important to understand. In fact, the film depicts an idealistic, diverse group of Americans who try their best to protect the planet. Their lives are destroyed not because we are idiots but because those with power choose to delay, deny, and mislead, more interested in their own short-term gain than the future of humanity -- in part because these people know that the catastrophe they have wrought will not have the same consequences for them personally.

Don't Look Up captures the madness I see every day:

Speaking as a climate scientist doing everything I can to wake people up and avoid planetary destruction, it's also the most accurate film about society's terrifying non-response to climate breakdown I've seen. [...]

The panic and desperation they feel mirror the panic and desperation that many climate scientists feel. In one scene, Mindy hyperventilates in a bathroom; in another, Diabasky, on national TV, screams "Are we not being clear? We're all 100% for sure gonna fucking die!" I can relate. This is what it feels like to be a climate scientist today.

The two astronomers are given a 20-minute audience with the president, who is glad to hear that impact isn't technically 100% certain. Weighing election strategy above the fate of the planet, she decides to "sit tight and assess".

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  1. Krisjohn says:

    The problem with satirizing annoying things is that you risk being annoying. This movie should have been an Onion article.

  2. Rich says:

    The thing about it is it needed to be funnier and probably half an hour shorter. To be fair, Mark Rylance was brilliant and the sketch at the end was hilarious.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I feel like it's impossible to criticize this movie for reasons that are relevant to movie-making. It's like when 12 Years a Slave won the Oscars in 2014 (like, the whole thing), and then a year later when Selma didn't, the filmmakers explained it was because the Academy is systemically biased against people of color (wat). Not because, you know, David Oyelowo is often embarrassing and hard to watch, and you don't score automatic points just because what/who you were trying to depict has gravitas that you yourself lack.

    Even in on-message terms, people who are only ostensibly on the correct side (the side I'm on) seem to me to pose a bigger problem than deniers who say "don't look up". Know how hard it is to come by left-aligned people who are happy to talk concerned at length about some dystopian doomer topic and then without any sign of self-awareness, defend engaging in something completely counterproductive, e.g. because it satisfies (or is associated with something that satisfies) their most immediate consumerist desire? Not fuckin' hard at all, because that describes like four out of five people who place the highest priority on making sure they identify with the correct side. Second highest priority seems to be jerking each other off about it in public, and Don't Look Up has plenty of that.

    Assuming he actually wanted to be effective/subversive (although based on how obvious it was that Don't Look Up would be ineffectual at getting anyone to do anything other than tweet "OMG SO TRU", it's not clear that that's the case), McKay probably would've been better off making Talladega Nights 2.

    Don't Look Up is a kind of a bad movie.

  4. Alasdair says:

    Climate change is a direct result of burning fossil fuels for energy, but politicians, and the general public, are completely and utterly energy illiterate.

    Humanity is entirely dependent on vast quantities of limitless cheap energy, which we've had for the past 100 years thanks to oil, coal and gas.

    This idea we can replace it all with diffuse and intermittent sources is completely and utterly insane, and people that advocate for it are numerically illiterate.

    We don't just need to make our electrical grid low-carbon. We have to electrify all existing industries using fossil fuels directly, whilst accommodating the growth of developing nations and the billions coming out of energy poverty. The problem is larger than any human can get their head around.

    The only thing that might have saved us is mass-manufacturing nuclear. Yet despite the climate crisis, the "Greens" continue to campaign aggressively to close existing plants, and block new ones. They'd rather have natural gas, which, I suppose to their credit, does have "natural" in the name.

    Well, now the chickens are coming home to roost, in Europe at least. Pushing for coal closures + renewables has resulted in record amounts of natural gas burning this winter, because guess what, we can go weeks without wind. This has led to a historic energy crisis as there's not enough natural gas to go around. Putin won't pump more until the Germans green light his new pipeline that bypasses the Ukraine, and now my UK energy bill has gone from 3p kWh to 13p kWh and over 25 energy companies have gone bust in the past 2 months (no joke).

    I would argue the so-called "green" movement has done more to create climate change than any other movement other than the fossil fuel industry itself, and possibly enable terrorism and dictatorships by ensuring dependence on oil and gas. I would say this is what we get when boomer hippies are put in charge of policy, but it isn't just hippies or boomers, nobody seems to get it.

    This graph is an embodiment of 30-40 years of failed environmental policy:

    We're supposed to drive the fossil part to 0 within 30 years. LOL! It's still growing every year.

    95% of the UN COP conferences are nothing to do with energy policy or, you know, discussing actually solving the problem. Instead it's just a giant circle jerk for everyone to talk about how they feel about it all.

    Don't Look Up was brilliant, because it captures the insanity of the situation perfectly. We are fucked, and we're fucked because humans are fucking dumb.

    It was also brilliant thanks to Craig Federighi's amazing performance as BASH CEO.

  5. Ritchse says:

    The movie is way too real, even for the people involved in making it (or at least that's what they show to the public eye, cause of the same sugarcoating the movie itself critizices). It astonishes me how they merely talk about climate change or the current powers that be when discussing the movie. To me the movie clearly shows the main flaws of this oligarchic and profit based system. It's not about Americans being dumb, It's about people all around the world being controlled by propaganda, media, etc. Revolution is the only way out!

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