Scoundrel of the Year

The nitwit founder of Facebook has created the worst, most damaging website in the world. And we're just supposed to accept it.

It doesn't matter.

This is the taunt implicit in everything Zuckerberg does at this point in his reign. Here is a man who got unconscionably rich off the worst website that has ever existed, a website that has broken brains on a scale previously unimaginable in human history, and here is his stupendously wack vision for the future -- and everyone is just going to have to deal with it. There are many things to abhor about Mark Zuckerberg and his works, but the fundamental mediocrity of it all -- the lack of vision, the absence of any moral sense or shame, the inability and unwillingness not just to fix but even reckon with the dangerous and ungovernable thing he's made -- is what feels both most egregious and most of this moment. It is embarrassing and not a little enraging to realize that you are subject to the whims of an amoral and incurious capitalist posing as a visionary optimist. It is especially humiliating when the all-bestriding and inevitable figure in question is such a dim, dull nullity.

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Anish Kapoor:

He built several versions of this, but most of them were just glory holes. There is not much video of this much cooler precessiony version. This is what the (now-paved-over) Rincon Center waterfall pool should have been.

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