Lauren Boebert will make you shit blood

How did I miss this the first time around?

Lauren Boebert's pork sliders poisoned dozens at a local rodeo, sending some home with bloody diarrhea:

Shooters Grill, which Boebert co-owns with her husband, has a schtick. Wait staff are required to wear holstered and loaded guns as they serve customers. (For years, they were not required to take training courses.) [...]

Shooters Grill made the news when the state temporarily revoked its license for re-opening amid the coronavirus pandemic in defiance of the governor's orders. [...] But local health officials were already familiar with Boebert's operations. In 2017, authorities cited "an unlicensed temporary retail food establishment associated with Shooters Grill" for a mass food poisoning incident during the Rifle Rodeo at the Garfield County fairgrounds. [...]

Officials who later visited the restaurant suspected that the pork had not been stored at a safe temperature. They found that Smokehouse 1776 had no "cold holding" or "hot holding" mechanisms in place, and that the restaurant "does not maintain temperature logs so there was no way of showing that food was kept at proper temperatures." [...] They also reported "bare hand contact with ready to eat foods, no handwashing station [and] no barrier protection from insects."

A Boebert spokesperson told The Beast that the restaurant "did not receive a fine or have any other type of disciplinary action." [...]

The health department report said "100% of those interviewed with diarrhea ate pork sliders."

These days, Boebert is a conspiracy theorist who wants to abolish the Department of Education and does not believe that comprehensive sex education should be taught in schools.

She supports the bizarre but ascendant QAnon movement, the far-right fringe group which believes President Donald Trump is on a divine mission to arrest thousands of celebrities, Democrats and members of the "deep state" for allegedly running a global pedophilia ring and eating children.

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