These are some good heists

This list is a little cowboy heavy, but I am glad to see that the Nutella, Butterfly and Bee heists were featured, though the Syrup and Walnut heists are notable omissions. But they found a different Cheese heist!

9. The Harry Winston Jewelry Store Robbery, 2008:

A group of gunmen raided the Harry Winston jewelry store in Paris, making off with $90 million worth of jewels. The men pulled off the entire heist while decked out in women's wigs and high heels, with one of them waving around the ultimate fashion accessory statement piece: a hand grenade. In 2011, $20 million worth of the jewels were found in a drain in a Paris suburb.

14. The Black Truffle Heist, 2019:

$100,000 worth of black truffles were stolen from a warehouse in Provence, France, in the dead of night. The crooks traveled by rooftop, using rope ladders and night-vision goggles to slink into the warehouse and access the refrigerator where the truffles were kept.

For your convenience, I have expanded the taxonomy with a heist tag.

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  1. GhostInAJar says:

    Don't forget about the Jamie Zawinski heist, as he's stolen all our hearts

  2. Book "The Feather Thief: Beauty, Obsession, and the Natural History Heist of the Century" (2018), by Kirk W. Johnson, details this theft of 100's of rare bird skins & feathers from Tring Museum--affiliated with the British Natural History Museum--in support of the Victorian era fly-tying black market.

    Enjoyed this book. Learned 007's name came from American ornithologist James Bond.

  3. Mark says:

    Really impressed at how many posts have the new tag already.

  4. Holgi says:

    I missing the theft of the single (but huge) "Big Maple Leaf" coin is Berlin 2017:

  5. Jon says:


    Investigations into the spectacular heist at Berlin's luxury department store KaDeWe have run into a problem: The suspected robbers may be identical twins. That means that the traces of DNA found at the crime scene could be useless under German law.

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