That entrepreneurial spirit!


In the long cold morning outside the San Jose courthouse, I vended Elizabeth Holmes costumes out of a suitcase for anyone in the trial line.


On Tuesday, Danielle Baskin, a spectator, also brought black turtlenecks, blond wigs and red lipsticks -- a nod to Ms. Holmes's signature look when she ran Theranos -- as well as energy drinks with the handmade labels "Badder Blood," "Bitter Blood" and "Better Blood." She set up shop outside the courthouse before a security guard told her she couldn't sell goods on federal property.


Today I learned: you can't "sell merch" on federal property.

I had to stash my suitcase, but I still have a wig and turtleneck in my backpack. If you're here, we can do a deal at the corner Starbucks during a break later.

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