Let's check in on Sealand, shall we?

Hackers plant card-stealing malware on website that sells baron and duke titles:

Hackers have taken control of the government site of Sealand, the North Sea micronation, since Oct 12th. People buying Baron or Duke titles have likely been skimmed. Sorry, sirs!

While it declared its independence and sovereignty in the '60s, the principality was never recognized as a formal state by any other UN nation and is considered a media stunt. The principality is primarily known these days for selling nobility titles through its website, a practice used by many other small countries or local governments to raise funds for their local budgets.

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5 Responses:

  1. Clearly the place is moribund, if they aren't flogging patents of Nobility on the blockchain! What could be more appropriate that a useless virtual certificate attesting to your useless title?

  2. Eric says:

    I hate it when I fall for a scam, but then it turns out to be a different scam.

  3. jboy says:

    Jesus, has it really been 10 years since we last heard from Sealand? Where has the time gone?

    JWZ, you have a dunning-krugerrands tag. Might I recommend you complement that outfit with a shiny new "libertarian" tag? (Or "liberty" to match security, if you're feeling extra-snarky.)

    It seems to be one of the long-running threads of this LiveJournal -- it would include anything related to seasteading, cryptocurrencies, Burning Man, or Elon Musk, for example -- and it doesn't overlap exactly with corporations, doomed, or grim-meathook-future.

  4. mhoye says:

    You've reminded me of the time that the HavenCo people tried to turn that thing into a data center, and the comedy that ensued.

    • mhoye says:

      (I don't see it in your previouslies, but the author of The Monkeybagel Document once wrote something about getting there and discovering that resource-wise, they had a half-wall of empty racks, one shotgun and three copies of a BSD install CD. "I lasted three weeks".)

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