So in last week's episode of Chucky they had a few scenes with mid-80s Charles Lee Ray, and I assumed they had digitally de-aged Brad Dourif for it... but no. It was Fiona Dourif in prosthetics! Practical effects are the best.

fionadourif: "Thanks for watching kids. That was A LOT"

What an amazing family business they have.

Update: Fangoria: FX Artists François Dagenais And Tenille Shockey On Fiona Dourif's Mind-Blowing Transformation

One night, Fiona decided to take her Charles Lee Ray makeup for a "test drive" and went out to a bar while still under full prosthetics.[...] "Fiona decided to hit on the waitress as 'Charles' to try it out."

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  1. Dude says:

    The soft focus was a give away that it wasn't de-aging, since digital F/X crews haven't quite cracked that one yet. (There's a debate about whether Lynch used de-aging for the Laura Palmer flashbacks in Twin Peaks: The Return, all the more murky given the intentionally dodgy CGI used throughout the series.)

    Nevertheless, it took me a while to realise it was supposed to be a young Brad Dourif and not a young Tommy Wiseau because of the glasses.

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