Shang-Chi's bus scene reviewed by an SF bus operator! (Unrolled.)

Our bus operator discovers his service brake isn't working. He's mashing on the treadle (pedal) and not stopping. That's terrible! And he's wearing earphones. That's terrible. He definitely could be charged with an avoidable incident by SFT. He should be reaching for the Parking and Emergency Brake on his left control panel.

Update: And here's a pretty great video with the director breaking down the whole scene.

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  1. david konerding says:

    This was one of the best technical action fight scenes I've seen in a movie; they took Bullitt and Speed and mixed it together with a superhero fight scene.

  2. Steve Allen says:

    In a kinder, gentler world the driver would have been Stan Lee.

  3. k3ninho says:

    In a kinder, gentler world writers would know that cutting the brake lines engages the fail-safe sprung brakes (there's one of the best explanations of this safety system here in the thread) and they'd find another way than cutting brake lines to signify the peril of 'vehicle is out of control'.

    (I watched the episode of peril melodrama 9-1-1 yesterday where a 15-year-old has stolen his dad's 1970 Ferrari and it's out of control because of the gearbox linkage and nowhere does anyone say 'disengage engine power with the clutch pedal'. They only say 'can you shift into Neutral?' so I figure most of the audience drive cars with automatic gears and wouldn't get directions about the clutch pedal or stuff like 'brake pedal does nothing because drum brakes have overheated' or 'turn off the engine entirely, you won't lose steering control because there's no powered steering assist'.)


    • margaret says:

      but real life often sucks, even for those trained for handling emergencies. we all hope we are as smart as we are while watching tv in those situations. meanwhile other members of the audience would chuckle if the dispatcher told a driver of a 1970 ferrari gts about power steering and drum brakes – because the car has neither.

  4. jboy says:

    We also, I really wanted to just demolish a bunch of these scooters,
    which has been a fantasy of mine for a very long time.
    I'm not a fan of these scooters.

    I like this director.
    And I had no idea this was filmed in Sydney!

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