This being the world that we live in now, it's time that all neckties come with both a matching pocket square and a matching face mask. Bras too.

I see that there are a few Etsy sellers who understand this, but it should be a universal standard.

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  1. ducksauz says:

    My spouse has been getting matching or coordinated face masks with the dresses she's been ordering from eShakti. They even have a nice neck loop so they can hang around your neck nicely when you've taken it off for eating or what have you.

  2. jwz says:

    Corollary: if I see you out at the club wearing a disposable mask, I assume you are also wearing granny panties, and/or have skidmarks.

    • just a frog says:

      I wear a disposable (surgical) mask because the hospital I work at requires them and they require a new one daily (which they provide). It's just easier for me to use them all the time and not think about it.

      With that information, your assumption is not necessarily wrong.

  3. BMP says:

    I have several masks from Beau Ties; they do a similar thing -- matching bow ties / neck ties & masks. I like the pocket + pocket square on the mask idea, it adds that little extra bit of 'we're formal and dignified here!' and the flex of being able to coordinate all of one's wardrobe, even PPE.

    Can't tell you the last time I needed to wear a suit, though.

  4. Aracan says:

    If the tie matches the pocket square, it tells me the wearer does not trust himself to make a good choice for both.

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