Shit list


"is someone keeping a shit list of otherwise decent people who are issuing NFTs, so I know who to be deeply disappointed in?"

This list is exceptionally long and exceptionally depressing.

The most depressing and hypocritical remains the Long Now Foundation -- an organization claiming to be about long-term thinking -- releasing a documentary about their founder as a planet-incinerating NFT.

I used to have a lot of respect for them, but I cancelled my multi-decade membership over this.

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W.H.O.'s On First


"What's the new variant?"
"I mean the variant's name."
"The variant is Nu."
"Yes but what's the name."
"I'm asking you what is the new variant?!"
"The variant is Nu!"
"That's the new variant?"
"Well then go ahead and tell me."
"That's it."
"That's the new variant?"
"What's its name??"
"The variant is Nu!"
"Third shot!"

But apparently they decided to rename it Omicron, because nobody appreciates comedy any more; and they also skipped Xi to avoid pissing off China.


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