DNA Lounge: Wherein yesterday was DNA Lounge's 36th Anniversary

"Did you do anything special to celebrate it?"

"What do you mean, all of our events are special!"

Actually last night was pretty amazing, and I saw something that I have never seen before -- and at my advanced age, that doesn't happen very often.

Monday Night Hubba presented Just Add Heather, where they brought in an actual oven, and our host sang, with a full band and burlesque performers, while also baking apple tarts!

They auctioned off the tarts at the end. I bought one. It was delicious!

They had been doing this show as a weekly webcast during the pandemic, but this was their first time doing it out in the real world.

It looks like I haven't done a photo roundup post since August. There are a ton of new galleries, so I'm not going to list them all, but let me particularly draw your attention to the Halloween galleries:

And I'll also highlight only our live shows of the past three months:


That entrepreneurial spirit!


In the long cold morning outside the San Jose courthouse, I vended Elizabeth Holmes costumes out of a suitcase for anyone in the trial line.


On Tuesday, Danielle Baskin, a spectator, also brought black turtlenecks, blond wigs and red lipsticks -- a nod to Ms. Holmes's signature look when she ran Theranos -- as well as energy drinks with the handmade labels "Badder Blood," "Bitter Blood" and "Better Blood." She set up shop outside the courthouse before a security guard told her she couldn't sell goods on federal property.


Today I learned: you can't "sell merch" on federal property.

I had to stash my suitcase, but I still have a wig and turtleneck in my backpack. If you're here, we can do a deal at the corner Starbucks during a break later.

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Conspiracy Chart

One can quibble about the placement of some of the items, but it's a sound taxonomy.


"Conspiracy theories are everywhere and people don't understand how harmful they are. I made the original Conspiracy Chart over a year ago. An update was long overdue. This is the 2021 version."

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