Now I'm no train expert, but...

I can't wait until the trains are running on this line and they are still doing this.

"But I've always parked here!"
"I'll just be a minute."
"Why don't you just go around?"

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What's with all the phone spam?

I've had the same phone number forever, and had been living in a state of grace where I would get a robocall or SMS spam maybe once every couple of months. Until about a year ago, when it ramped up to 3 to 5 per day.

I never give out my number to businesses (except for 2FA), and rarely even give it to co-workers. Any time I fill out a form, I use the DNA Lounge infoline, 415-626-1409.

But halfway through lockdown, the robots found me, so obviously my cell number is out there in some database now. Do I have any effective recourse?

I have been using Abine DeleteMe for years, and it works pretty well, especially for reducing physical spam. The only glossy garbage that appears in my mailbox is from politicians and realtors. (Realtors: the cockroaches of commerce.) But it's certainly not helping at all with this phone situation. And we know the Do Not Call Registry has always been a joke.

Infuriatingly, the ACLU just sent me a text message, and I am 100% certain that in my decades of donating to them, I have never once given them this phone number.

So somehow they purchased it and correlated it from some other database, and I am offended.

I never answer the phone, least of all from unknown callers, but it's still annoying. Especially the texts.

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Halloween, Night Four

Can I interest you in some NFTs -- Neofaustian Technologies?

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