Some words of advice for owners of skeletons.

I mean, it's just good advice in general.

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  1. colonwq says:

    So, you squeeze its junk until the eyes start to glow?

  2. jwz says:

    The average number of skeletons per body is greater than one.

    • jboy says:

      Wait... I'm gonna have to [citation needed] you on that.

      Is this some horrifying new fact about humans occasionally being born with redundant extra skeletons inside them? (That revelation would not be at all outside my expectations for this blog.)

      Or are we just talking about how some people own extra skeletons that they generally prefer to store externally?

      • tfb says:

        conjoined twins

        • jboy says:

          Ah, very good. Thankyou!

        • Phil! says:

          Or just pregnancy?

          It's kind of like how most people have more than the average number of arms.

          • jboy says:

            That was my first guess! But then I figured that the baby skeleton would always be contained within a baby body, so the `num_bodies` denominator would be incremented at the same time as (or actually, slightly before) the `num_skeletons` numerator.

            Unless we're ignoring the nestedness of bodies when counting skeletons.

    • margaret says:

      not true at the boneless chicken ranch.

  3. jwz says:

    Unless something has gone terribly wrong, for your entire life, your skeleton has been wet.

    (Teeth don't count, those are only luxury bones.)

  4. Sir? Sir?

    I don't think I was actually issued the LCD eyes.

    I pushed that button a lot. Nothing really changed.

  5. bq Mackintosh says:

    They forgot "avoid spikes".