Perennial "Fuck the Blue Angels" post.

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  1. Thunderbirds says:

    You're just mad that they don't have a mail client at air shows.

  2. Erin M says:

    This whole "fleet week" thing needs to go away; it has no place in San Francisco. What's next, a fleet of armored vehicles parading down Market St. led by mayor Ron Conway oops I mean London Breed?

    • Ian says:

      No it doesn't. Most people love Fleet Week, so that's, like, your opinion, man.

    • different Jamie says:

      I don't care of sailors take over downtown, and if people want to get drunk to stories of killing folks, have at it.

      Those fucking planes are just tacky and annoying.

    • margaret says:

      military complaint desk:

      admiral: uh-oh. some people in san francisco say they are annoyed by fleet week.
      captain: what are we going to about it?
      admiral: fly lower?
      captain: fly faster?
      admiral: fleet fortnight?
      captain: more planes?!
      admiral: more explosions?!
      captain: all the above?!
      admiral: best fleet month ever.

    • Erin M says:

      SF lost its soul years ago. I guess when tech companies import enough people from red states and drive out long-time residents, this is what you end up with.

      • ian says:

        I think it's actually the long time residents that like fleet week. Maybe it's you guys reading this blog that are in the minority?

        • Dude says:

          I'm born and raised here, so I can say that fellow natives and long-timers hate Fleet Week and the PTSD-triggering Blue Angels as surely as I can say that "SF lost its soul" is bullshit.

  3. Craig says:

    Fleet Week was around long before Mountain View and the surrounding area extended its tentacles north into San Francisco. You can blame lots of bad things on tech culture in SF, this is not one of them.

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