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Fucking iTunes.
Dear Lazyweb, has anyone come up with a solution to get metadata out of

When Apple renamed iTunes to "Music" they changed it so that it no longer automatically updates an XML file of library metadata, because fuck you, that's why.

That file was the fastest and most convenient way to get info about your music, e.g. by using the Mac::iTunes::Library::XML Perl library. I have a lot of things that depend on being able to query my iTunes library, and that's the primary reason I'm still running 10.14, but I know I won't be able to hold out forever.

So I tried writing a command line program that talks to a running iTunes via the ObjC AppleScript RPC crud (SBApplication iTunesApplication and such) that would iterate everything and generate a (hopefully) identical XML file to the one that Apple's no longer generating. I thought that maybe doing this nightly would be good enough for my needs, and would allow the things that parse that XML to continue to work. But it is mind-bogglingly slow. Like, I think it will take 3+ hours to write this file. Which is maybe not terrible for an overnight task, but does make debugging it a lot harder. I'm about 1/4th of the way done writing this thing and I'm already sick of it.

Has anyone else come up with a better solution yet?

Remember, APIs only ever get less useful over time!

Update: I wrote a thing to do this. It was very complicated, and is included in the jwzlyrics Xcode project.


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  1. Sardonic Jerk says: can still export the XML file that you want

    There's also a way you can somewhat automate that, via AppleScript

    Still, probably faster than your intended solution. There's also a framework for doing this, but I doubt you want to start writing Objc/Swift for this

    • I would have bet that someone would have used that to write a tool that produces the original XML format, but I can't seem to find one offhand. There is this tool which uses it and can export JSON, though:

      Annoyingly, that framework is only usable if your app is codesigned with an Apple developer certificate.

  2. k3ninho says:

    Cycle times and fast feedback make my day-to-day work bearable -- I can see how much of a pain the waiting is, plus forgetting context and remembering context when you go away/come back (respectively).

    You can probably avoid overnight waits: is it worth the time to set up a second login with a tiny library so that the iteration of programming and testing is much much quicker/less frustrating?


  3. Unxmaal says:

    This seems like it'd work: .

    The CLI program took 0.03s, according to 'time', to export a new library containing 43 songs, testing on laptop running Big Sur.

    For scheduling within Launchd, you might try .

  4. Unless they've changed it again, the binary itunes library file is a sqlite3 database.

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