"Christ, What An Asshole."

Deleting your Facebook is nice, but have you tried welding your mailbox shut?

Though, to be fair, shitposting like this is less damaging when it costs them nearly a dollar per message.

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3 Responses:

  1. Dude says:

    Between the envelopes and posted flyers, it's nice of these folks to keep FedEx in business ('cause there's no way they'd use a local indie copy place).

    • Joe Luser says:

      "do you feel safe in this neighborhood" was one of the questions on the anonymous questionnaire handed to me by an anonymous person a long time ago in front of the old bank of america building in north beach which the church of scientology was in the process of buying. the anonymous person was very obviously a scientologist astroturfing the skids for their acquisition. clearly, that's a borderline-paranoid stretch here. but someone has a lot of money and the building is for sale.

      • Dude says:

        Honestly, whenever I see/hear questions like that, I think of the android cops from THX-1138 asking "Are you now or have you ever been?"

        It's funny knowing how they were Lucas' commentary on policing, specifically making them androids with soothing voices because it was the only way for the cops to be "nice".

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