Border Officials Seize Fake Vaccine Cards

"But why don't you accept a photo of my card", they continue to ask me.

Customs and Border Protection officials in Chicago seized multiple shipments of fake vaccine cards en route from China to Texas on Monday, as anti-vaxxers continue to attempt to skirt vaccine mandates around the country. In addition to the fake vaccine cards, which were labeled in shipment logs as greeting cards, CBP officials also seized multiple packages from China and Mexico containing Ivermectin pills, a horse medicine that many anti-vaxxers have been taking as a way to treat or prevent COVID-19, according to a CBP announcement. [...] One of the seized Ivermectin packages falsely claimed to contain decorative beads in an apparent attempt to get past U.S. authorities. [...]

It's the latest development in an ongoing death spiral of anti-vaxxers who refuse to get the life-saving coronavirus vaccine but who are increasingly facing both requirements to show proof of vaccination as well as deadly infections they desperately want to fight without being vaccinated.

Attempting to prove vaccination without getting the jab itself could be as simple as printing out cards that look like the cards from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, analysts have noted. But criminals have stepped in with their own elaborate scams to send shipments to the United States, and some Americans in Texas appear to have bought it, according to the CBP. [...]

The price of a counterfeit CDC vaccine card sold on Telegram now costs approximately $250, a 150 percent increase from the prices of fake cards just before Biden made his announcement.

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5 Responses:

  1. Ben Pfaff says:

    I can't think of anything other than vaccine cards where I can get a real one for free or pay $250 for a fake one.

    • Elusis says:

      Does that mean it's some kind of mutant Giffen Good?

    • Outside of Antivax Crazyland it's much better than free, the cost of the real one is hugely negative.

      • k3ninho says:

        Expensive? My script (supplied by the cabal*) says that you're expected to get a real vaccine card, deny you're vaccinated and then show your real card and lie that it was acquired as a fake, worth the $400 you shelled out for it.

        *: there is no cabal -- this is a dangerous joke to make because people choosing not to vaccinate might choose to misunderstand it, so I'm clear: so many prominent vaccine deniers are liars who are already vaccinated and I hope you and those you love survive this pandemic.


  2. It's kind of a shame the vaccine isn't more effective, and the virus more deadly, for obvious reasons.

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