DNA Lounge: Wherein Apple made vax QR codes easier

iOS 15.1 was just released, and now you can store your SMART-Health QR code in your wallet, so you can access it from the lock screen, along with your event tickets! You have to re-scan your code to do it, though. Just point the camera at your QR code, let it open it in the Health app, and say OK.

The SMART-Health codes are getting more prevalent, too. As of a few weeks ago, Rick Klau figured that about 50% of the country have access to SMART Health QR codes now. They are supported by the state systems in CA, LA, NY and HI, but are also available to anyone vaccinated at CVS, Walmart, Sam's Club, or any health system that uses Epic or Cerner. And pretty soon now, all of Canada will be on this system too. Here's a full list of participating systems.

It would be great if there was a cheat sheet along the lines of, "my insurance is X, where do I click?" but that does not seem to exist.

Sadly, DNA Lounge is still the only nightclub in town that is actually going to scan that code, because literally everyone else is gleefully accepting photoshop forgeries of vaccination cards. Everyone else, including SFDPH, believes that scribbling your name on someone else's vax card in Comic Sans counts as proof of vaccination.

As a vaccinated person who would still prefer not to catch COVID-19, I remain unpleased about this situation.

Anyway, it's Halloween Week! Are you ready for our eight events over seven nights, and three different costume contests? And most importantly, have you seen our giant skeleton?

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