Fucking Apple.
Anyone got any theories on why on 11.6, httpd and sshd stop responding once or twice a day? They seem to randomly decide to stop binding to their external ports.

E.g., sometimes I can connect to localhost:443 but not from the outside world. "That sounds like a router problem", you say. But restarting httpd fixes it. And httpd and sshd don't both go down at the same time. And today I saw another weird variant. I have http on 80 that just does a redirect to https, and today, port 443 was accessible but port 80 was not... until I restarted httpd. So the process is alive and servicing requests, it just sometimes forgets some ports. Lovely.

And sshd is doing the same shit. Except as a launchd process, the way to restart it and fix it is:

    sudo launchctl unload /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/ssh.plist ;
    sudo launchctl load -w /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/ssh.plist

so it must be launchd itself that is getting amnesia about port 22?

Additional gripes from my first four days of running this OS:

  • Previously, Apple's continuing effort to prevent me from accessing my own computer.

  • Previously, light gray on light gray.

  • Previously, "Cannot be verified" whack-a-mole.

  • Previously, iTunes XML file no longer generated. I worked around it, but fuck you, Apple.

  • But speaking of light-gray-on-light-gray, Mail.app no longer makes folder names bold when they have unread messages in them. You just have to spot the tiny even-lighter-gray-on-gray number next to them.

  • Besides the gray on gray text, inter-line spacing is like 1.5x. So not only is it harder to read, it also wastes more space than it needs to, win win!

  • I have long had my "Dock Unread Count" mailbox set to a smart mailbox of the few that I care about, and that works even more intermittently than it did before.

  • The mail column settings used to be per-folder, and now they are global. So if you wanted the "Mailbox" column to be visible in search results, so you can see what folder that matched message is in, now you have to have that column visible all the time. (Except the columns seem to still be per-folder in smart mailboxes?)

  • Mail email address completion is even more totally fucked than before. I apparently cannot stop "dev" from completing to "developer Apple - developer@email.apple.com", whom I have never mailed, instead of completing to "devon@dnalounge.com" whom I email dozens of times a day.

    It used to be that letting the bad one complete out and then selecting "Remove from previous recipients" from the context menu would make it stop doing this for a little while. Now that option is gone. Oh wait, it's back. Oh wait, it's gone again.

  • Let's say something blew up last night and you have 300 messages in your Cron folder. (Just hypothetically.) You're sitting there tapping delete, rather than deleting them all at once. Every time you hit delete, it takes nearly 2 seconds for the next message to appear. It feels like 1996 up in this shit.

  • Calendar alerts got stupider. How do you even dismiss them now? You used to just click them. Now you have to swipe them I guess? But maybe that only snoozes? Do you have to find the tiny gray-on-gray "X" in the corner?

  • Also they took away "Snooze until tomorrow", WTF.

  • I complained before [citation needed] about how a recent Safari release screwed up drag-and-drop of URLs. You can still drag links from HREFs and have them drop as text or links into other apps. Some time late in 10.x they broke dragging from the Safari URL area. Instead of dragging as text or a link, it would try to open some weird file type. And if you select the text first, you can't drag it at all, it just de-selects. So you have to copy and paste instead.

    Well now it's even worse, if you try to drag the URL from the URL bar, it acts as if you are dragging a TAB and the whole window vanishes. When you release, the window has moved. Fucking awesome.

  • It's so great that half the time when I open the Safari Bookmarks menu, I get about half a second of starting to move the mouse down the menu, when all of my bookmarks disappear. Then, a second and a half later, they come back. I assume this is a Right and Proper outcome of my bookmarks being synced with The Clown.

  • Upgrading somehow duplicated every entry in my contacts, and half of my calendars.

  • The text field in Messages.app doesn't do ^Y any more. ^K works, and ^K and ^Y work as before in every other text field, just not Messages.

  • The "X" to delete a conversation from Messages is gone. Now it's only on the context menu. I guess we were using it too much and have spoiled it for everybody.

  • I have "Sound Check" turned on in iTunes (sorry, I mean <contempt>"Music"</contempt>) as I always have, to make it deal properly with songs that were recorded at wildly different volumes. Play a song. Hit Pause. Hit un-pause. The song blasts out at full, unmodified volume for a second or two before the adjustment kicks in. This didn't happen on 10.14.

  • There appears to be no way to stop thousands of arbitrary sequences of punctuation from being auto-expanded into emojis, except by turning off Text Replacement entirely. I have text replacements that I want and rely on. If I wanted a fucking emoji I'd use the fucking emoji menu.

  • My years-old cracks of REDACTED and REDACTED finally stopped working because they were 32 bit apps. You almost certainly know what I'm talking about and if you have a solution that you know won't rootkit me, please email.

Because I know one of you jerks is going to show up here going "herp derp Linux", let me head that off by pointing out that two things can be true at the same time, and are:

  1. Every major-numbered release of macOS is more annoying than the one before. Each release includes terrible new UI decisions, removes useful features you've come to depend on, and restricts the use of your computer as a general-purpose computer even more. It has probably been steadily down hill since OSX 10.8.

  2. The Linux desktop UI experience is still far, far, far worse. I have used various Linux desktop environments recently, and it's basically exactly the same, and exactly as bad, as it was in 1999. There has been no useful progress of any kind. Oh, sure, they all have "compositors" now so that there's random-assed flashy transparency on things, who gives a flying fuck. Remedial shit like "maybe save all of my settings" doesn't work. Linux is still Baby's First Desktop Learning Experience, with the level of "user experience" care you'd expect from a GUI designed by kernel developers, which basically it is. So "thaaaaaanks" for that helpful suggestion but no.

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Spectrum analysis of Young Lust

Telephone World:

The telephone network at that time used multi-frequency (or MF) signalling almost exclusively when someone made a long distance call. These are similar to Touch-Tones, but use different frequencies and are used in a different manner. [...] Also in the analog telephone switching network, there had to be a way to tell the originating switch (or the switch that handled the billing) to start and stop the billing of a toll call. This was through the use of single frequency (or SF) tones. In North America, this was accomplished with 2600 Hertz, while in England this was accomplished with 2400 Hertz. (Some of you are already getting ahead of me...)

  • 3:03.4 2600 Hz answer supervision -- duration .019 seconds pause .125 seconds
  • 3:03.5 2600 Hz answer supervision -- duration .018 seconds
    (Two bursts of 2600 Hz answer supervision, this means the call was going through two tandems. Again you hear the filters kick in)
  • 3.13 MF toning starts
  • Entire MF string is 'KP1' 0 4 4 1 8 3 1 'ST'

  • KP1 duration .102 pause until next digit .015
  • 0 duration .068 pause .050
  • 4 duration .066 pause .052
  • 4 duration .067 pause .051
  • 1 duration ***.039*** pause .000

    I call this the mangled '1' MF digit, because it appears the audio engineer working on this song must have cut and respliced the middle of the MF tones. The duration is very short 0.039 vs. 0.67 and there is no corresponding pause after the digit. It is instead jammed right up to next '8' digit. If you look at the wave you can tell it is a very ugly splice point.

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I refuse to make a Devo joke here

The Reno City Council has banned the possession and use of whips without a permit in the greater downtown area after police reported a steep increase over the past two years of 911 calls from residents who mistake the sound of a cracking whip for gunfire.

"We just realized it was a growing complaint we were getting. We started to see calls that were being escalated and becoming more violent," Soto said earlier. "There's a time and a place for a lot of different types of activities. I think being in the middle of a group of people is probably not the best time." [...]

The new ordinance states that it is illegal for anyone to possess, carry or use a whip in the downtown corridor without a permit. It also states that it is illegal for anyone to crack a whip to "injure, annoy, interfere with, or endanger the comfort, repose, health, peace or safety of others" within city limits. It doesn't apply to private property.

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