Can light gray text on light gray backgrounds please stop being a thing?

Exhibit A: the unfathomably unreadable new look in macOS 11.x. It was already bad in 10.x but they made it worse.

Exhibit B: This is what happens when you go to System Preferences / Accessibility and check "Increase contrast". It just puts thin black borders around everything.

Exhibit C: This is what happens when you move the "Display contrast" slider two ticks up from "Normal" to "Maximum". It makes it so much worse that I wonder if someone implemented the slider backwards and QA didn't notice.

"Dark mode" is just as bad, it all ends up being dark gray on dark gray instead.

Fucking Apple.

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Somehow macOS 11.6 broke HDMI

I wanted to do an XScreenSaver release, and it turns out that some time since April, Apple has started refusing uploads to the app store that were built with Xcode 11 (because fuck you that's why). And they never bothered to do a build of Xcode 12 or 13 that will run on macOS 10.14 (because fuck you that's why). So here I am, under duress, finally upgrading to macOS 11.6 (because fuck me that's why).

And that's going about as well as expected:

But the above game of whack-a-mole is not why I'm posting. No, I'm posting because I'd like someone to explain to me why my iMac's second monitor is working fine but my third monitor (my projector) is getting no HDMI signal. I see a bunch of people complaining about this sort of thing on laptops, but no answers.

If I go to the end of the run and plug in a different monitor into the cable that normally plugs into the projector, I get signal, main screen turn on. But apparently said signal is now unacceptable to my projector.

Note: no hardware has changed, only an OS update. And somehow that OS update has weakened or otherwise broken this HDMI run, and now I can no longer watch TV from my couch.

Double-You Tee Fuck.

Update: And then... it magically started working again.

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DNA Lounge: Wherein the parklet and booze rules have changed again

Newsom signed some bills, so this is how it works now, I guess?

  • Parklets are now fully legal, not temporary. Bars and restaurants can continue to serve food and booze outside.

  • Take-out cocktails are only allowed with food, and are limited to two drinks per meal.

  • Delivery cocktails are no longer allowed.

The article also says, "restaurants will still be able to sell bottles of wine and cans of beer for delivery, as those are in the manufacturer's original packaging", so I guess that means that we will still be allowed to sell our DNA Lounge brand liquor bottles to go, since they're sealed from the distillery. One liter equals one drink? Not that we sell very many of those.

We stopped selling our batched, to-go cocktails in mason jars a while ago, because they were just not selling any more. But for those bars and restaurants who were still doing good business with to-go and delivery batched cocktails, this is kind of a kick in the teeth.

Also related, another bill that everyone hoped would make permanent the 15% cap on the delivery apps' extortionate fees, was gutted. Instead of requiring a cap, It just requires "transparency". So now they have to itemize why they are charging you 30%. And I guess you'll feel better about that somehow?

In DNA news:

Attendance has been slowwwwly picking up. Interestingly, it's mostly a younger crowd. Maybe the 30-plus folks are more afraid of Delta than the kids are, who knows.

We did have some antivaxxer idiots show up the other day. It was before doors, and they just stood there yelling at us for a while. We are "sheep", apparently. This was on a night when I understand that there was a sportsball game of some kind, so presumably these were tourists from the Central Valley, the Red State part of California that is still dying in droves.

In other "Get Off Of My Lawn" news, a number of our staff have been noting that "these kids today" just don't know how to behave in public. We know what 18-year-olds are like, but recently they have been, uh, worse. But then someone made a very salient observation: when lockdown began, these 18-year-olds were 16! So, no, they don't know how to behave in public because they've literally never had to before. Can you imagine what it would have been like to spend the last half of high school at home on your couch? They're all homescooled bubble babies!