XScreenSaver 2.27

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  1. Eben Walters says:

    xbiff and xmailbox aren't even included in Debian anymore. Sad

    • Zygo says:

      Huh? xbiff is in x11-apps, so if you still use local mail in mbox format on Debian machines that also have an X display (or you run ssh -Y debian-mailhost xbiff, I suppose)...well, xbiff is still there, and still works.

      xmailbox, xtoolwait, and xwpick are gone.

      I saw xosview the other day in the wild, in a screenshot of some random user's screen. Apparently it now copes with nvme devices that can do more than 2GB of IO per second (unlike some, uh, much more recent monitoring tools which still have 32-bit limits). Someone has even taught xosview to understand WiFi (which gives you an idea of how long it's been since I last used it...).

      • jwz says:

        Man, this is activating some old memories.... I'm pretty sure I either made some extensive mods to xbiff or wrote my own in like the 1990 timeframe that had filters so it would only pop up on non-mailing-list messages... Oh! And it did some "X-Face" header stuff! That was a thing that existed! 48x48 monochrome avatars!

        • James C. says:

          48x48 monochrome avatars!

          And now we have 64×64 pixel avatars! In colour! Technology has come so far.

          Seriously though, imagine wanting to know when you got a new email. That was a thing.

        • Eli the Bearded says:

          I still see X-Face: headers (and newer base64 png Face: ones) in Usenet. I've never had any way to easily view them. Mostly they just serve to id the poster as pompous.

          • jwz says:

            Whaaat Face without the X? Was there an RFC?

            • Eli the Bearded says:

              Not as far as I know. NNTP hasn't been loved much in the standards department, and who's going to enforce skipping an X on a non-standard header?

  2. WilhelmF says:

    Extra points for the ^H joke, with footnote.

  3. jwz says:

    If I remember correctly, I made about $60,000 on this! Red Hat offered access to pre-IPO stock shares to (some of? all of?) the people whose code they shipped. This was probably the last time anyone made money on open source software.

    • Nick Lamb says:

      All of. I received email about this as a relatively minor contributor back in the day†. But I either couldn't qualify as a non-US citizen, or my abiding hatred of paperwork meant I chose not to apply because it involved US tax paperwork, don't remember.

      I can't figure out the "last time anyone made money" joke at all though.

      †Last month some Solitaire nerd was suddenly really interested in some Scheme I wrote in 1998, which I think would have been part of that contribution, I was able to find the CVS log entry but I don't even remember being able to write Scheme, let alone the details of why I wrote that code in particular.

    • yuubi says:

      They also seem to have scraped bugzilla for this list, because I doubt my suggested fix made it into the product.

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