Wipe out COVID-19... with this lovely dry-erase board

I was looking for a meme generator like this, but it turns out that this is an actual product that you can buy.

So hey, how are those school re-openings going, you ask?

I spoke to a friend yesterday with an 8-year-old. Their school's rule is that if one kid gets COVID, that one kid can't play on the playground with the others and has to stay inside and look sad. But if three kids get it, well then everyone's back to Zoom.

Why, that doesn't seem ad hoc or nonsensical at all. Normal policy, normal world.

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4 Responses:

  1. frandroid says:

    People with covid are allowed in the school? What?

  2. It can be worse.

    Here our, whatever can be used to describe the dumbfuckery of government we have, is going to allow people who travel because of work or business related reasons to skip quarantine when entering the country. And also make vote first people with symptoms.

    But hey, on the other hand now we are finally 100% clear to fill stadiums and do massive gatherings.

    Enough sobbing. Best of success the next Friday with Cyberdelia. Hopefully I can finally travel there next year.

  3. David says:

    So far this year, according to their website, 10% of my daughter's classmates have tested positive. Is there a leaderboard somewhere? If we aren't in first place, we have to be within sneezing distance of it. Between the sick kids and quarantined kids, how do they have time for learning?

    60 kids a day are hospitalized in FL. I'm wondering if there is a number we could hit where we decide the maskless school experiment is a failure or is this a race to infect them all by Christmas break?

    If we win the race what do we win? Perhaps the governor will swing by the school in person to congratulate us and hand out some horse pills.

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