Like content moderators, but with guns.

When are podunk sheriffs going to start knocking on the doors of Facebook data centers, though?

Judge Sides with Teen Threatened by Sheriff Over COVID Social Media Post: 'The First Amendment Is Not a Game Setting for the Government to Toggle Off and On'

The teen posted about her illness on Instagram three times, saying she would be out of school for a while due to "having the COVID-19." After her symptoms worsened and she returned to the hospital she posted another photo showing her in a hospital bed with the caption "Winning the fight with Covid-19."

Several days later, Sgt. Klump went to the Cohoon residence and told Cohoon's parents that his office had received a complaint from the school's superintendent about Amyiah's posts, demanding she delete the pictures.

"Sergeant Klump stated that he had direct orders from Sheriff Konrath to demand that Amyiah delete this post, and, if she did not, to cite Amyiah and/or her parents for disorderly conduct and to 'start taking people to jail,'" the complaint stated.

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5 Responses:

  1. tfb says:

    Cohoon began having trouble breathing. She went to the hospital but was told she could not be tested for COVID-19 due to stringent testing requirements.

    What? I mean, seriously, how could that happen?

    • Waider says:

      Limited testing capacity coupled with too many people to test; you have to come up with some form of scoring to figure out who gets the tests and who gets to sit in a room by themselves for a fortnight with an inhaler.

      Ran into it myself in March 2020 (different country, same problem): I had some sort of respiratory illness, and was in the queue for testing, but then things got serious and the requirements for testing vs. self-isolation were altered to prioritise testing for those more likely to have the virus vs. a random RI (which, it turns out, is what I had).

    • Steven Allen says:

      Same thing happened to me in 2020 February. After my daughter got a strange rash I had pneumonia worse than I have ever known. I had not just returned from China, so no nucleic amplification test for me.

  2. I'm coming to this late, but…

    The suit … named Marquette County Sheriff Joseph Konrath and Sgt. Cameron Klump as defendants.

    "Konrath & Klump" is a 198X cop comedy full of period racism and misogyny, except it's actually these guys and now. Good grief.

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