CA releases source code to vax QR infrastructure

Any other state that is interested in deploying a digital vaccine record system should be able to use our free code to connect their own immunization registry back end and launch a similar portal to California's.

Every state in the United States operates their own immunization registry. If a state is interested in offering a service similar to what we launched in California, they can take our code, connect it to their own back end, and generate digital vaccine records for their residents. This won't be plug-and-play, exactly -- it will still require some work to make the connection between the middle tier and the state's back end -- but we hope it will save states some time.

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  1. Dude says:

    On a related note: the CDC says everyone should flu shots right fuckin' now. Last year's flu season mostly didn't exist due to COVID lockdowns, so they're keepin' a close eye on this one.

    And it won't interfere with the COVID vaccine. In fact, if you haven't gotten a COVID vax yet - for whatever stupid (horse paste-related) reason - you can get the COVID and flu vaccines at the same time.

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