Zero Cool Day

Yo, check it. DNA. September 17. Cyberdelia.

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  1. ducksauz says:

    Holy crap. The fed discount rate was raised to 6.5% to curb inflation on 1988-08-10. The markets would absolutely shit themselves if the rate went that high now because they've gotten so used to over ten years of cheap borrowing since the financial crisis.

  2. Dude says:

    To quote the incomparable Violet Blue: this is yet another reason to hope the Delta storm has passed by September. I'm ready to buy my ticket yesterday!

    Good thing The Lounge didn't wait to put the foot down about mask and vax requirements.

    • Bill Paul says:

      I'm here from the (near) future to tell you that the SF health department has now issued an order making vaccinations mandatory to enter restaurants, bars, clubs, theaters, gyms, and so on. A negative covid test is no longer good enough either: you have to be fully vaccinated.

      • Dude says:

        For someone claiming to be "from the future," you seem to have missed out on the past. Namely, the fact that the DNA Lounge required vax-proof and masking weeks before The City officially did.

        It's that very pro-active approach by The Lounge (combined with the new mandate by The City) that makes me optimistic that I'll be front-row there for Cyberdelia with a Red Death in hand, vax card (sealed) around, and the Moderna mRNA vax that's been in my veins since mid-May.

        • Bill Paul says:

          Oh I was aware DNA was already ahead of the curve. I was just remarking that the city finally caught up and made it official.

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