Samatha Morlock, Christian, Patriot.


Blood for the blood god! Kernels for the kernel god! He who walks behind the rows and columns!

(I would like to think that this is a parody account but it does not seem to be.)

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  1. MrSpookTower says:

    Wait until she hears about the billions of children being reaped every second.

    • Phil! says:

      And, of course, if you kill the parents instead of the children, you get zombies.

      • Line Noise says:

        Not to mention all the daemons that are living inside her TV, phone, computer, etc.

  2. Not Frank says:

    Interestingly, given the timing, this shows that some cable company's Emergency Alert System box failed during the nationwide test on Wednesday... and is some shoddily put-together pseudo-embedded Linux system on the inside. I'd expected a little better for EAS -- silly me.

  3. cmt says:

    To be fair, CentOS 6 with a 2.6 kernel is necromancy.

  4. Zygo says:

    Any sufficiently advanced botnet is indistinguishable from a few thousand parody accounts.

    I'm not sure which part of this is the joke--the part where experts laugh when the "literally how the government communicates immediate action requirements to its citizens" cable channel spams out an unintelligible message where the only actionable instruction is to sacrifice children...or the part where someone built and shipped a commercial product for distributing emergency alerts based on Centos and VLC, hasn't updated it in 4 years (that kernel came out in 2017), and somehow hasn't finished debugging it either.

    If "TAMP" means "Tampa", then...yeah, that checks out. That place is where Florida Man lives.

  5. tobias says:

    I foresee the inaugural meeting of 'mothers against the use of biological references in software and hardware'.

  6. Jef Poskanzer says:

    Good thing it didn't say "Abort, Retry, Fail?"

    • tfb says:

      A long time ago someone who had children said to me that one of the things he inferred from reading the Unix sources (based on his age I'm guessing PDP-11 Unix, perhaps via the Lions book) was that the people who wrote it did not.

      (Just in case: not supporting the person on Twitter.)

  7. Juan Antonio de los Palotes Machado says:

    Reminds me of (the urban legend?): "We know what they’re doing in there. They’re hacking pythons. It’s barbaric and we won’t leave until the last snake has been saved." -- PETA protest against a DJango's developer meeting.

  8. Kyzer says:

    Possibly the same person who determined that Daniel Stenberg was part of an Instagram and Spotify hacking ring

    • jwz says:

      Well those logs are clear as mud. I have no idea what they're saying or if they even express that VLC thinks something has gone wrong. Not that I'd expect anything different from VLC.

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