DNA Lounge: Wherein proof of vaccination is now a legal requirement

Today Mayor Breed announced that San Francisco will be requiring both proof of full vaccination and masks in bars, restaurants, and basically all indoor settings.

This is great news. We've been doing this already, but having legal backing behind it makes our jobs easier and the arguments shorter.

I guess this just how things work now, huh? We on the front lines have to decide what to do to keep ourselves safe, and then some time later the Mayor pops up and says, "Where are my people going that I may lead them?"

Some good news from the Mayor's new mandate: it does not allow a loophole like showing a negative test result from half a week ago. With the short incubation period of the Delta variant, accepting negative tests was a dangerously irresponsible thing to do. People can be asymptomatic but infectious for several days before a test will return positive.

Some bad news: the new mandate says that a photo of your CDC card is good enough. This policy is foolish, as such photos are trivial to fake. Consequently, DNA Lounge will still be requiring your original CDC vaccination card (not a copy), or the CA DPH vaccination QR code from myvaccinerecord.cdph.ca.gov.

In wider news, multinational superpredator AEG has announced that they will also be requiring proof of vaccination at all of their shows. Which is good, as far as it goes. But sadly, they are still allowing "medical and religious exemptions", so that pretty much brings the whole thing back down to "honor system", and we've seen how well that has been working. The virus doesn't care about your allergy or religious derangement, infectious is still infectious.

(AEG, you may recall, is the the $11 billion corporation owned by a fundamentalist, homophobic, climate change denier that owns Coachella and Bottle Rock, and through their Golden Voice subsidiary runs The Warfield, Regency, Social Hall, Great American, etc.)

Multinational superpredator Live Nation ($13 billion owner of TicketMaster, Masonic, Fillmore, etc.) is leaving the decision up to the headlining artists, which is to say, they are doing nothing at all.

And rounding out the corporate triad, Another Planet (Outside Lands, Bill Graham, Greek, Fox, Independent) are requiring vaccination but still allow a negative test (prior to the mandate, at least.)

Anyway, how's things? Things are not great.

Our attendance over the last two weeks was way down. We were feeling a brief glimmer of optimism in June and July, but that has been duly squashed. This slump isn't solely because we began turning away the unvaccinated: presales were dramatically down too. It is simply that a lot fewer people have been going out. Whether that's because they're afraid, or unvaccinated, is hard to tell.

We and our promoters have also been having the fun time of discovering that a number of DJs and bands, even ones currently engaged in national tours, are unvaccinated, and so we've had to replace them on the bill. I mean, I guess it's good information to have about them -- "you are a dangerous idiot" -- when the time comes to consider booking them again in the future.

Anyway, we do have some good stuff coming up this weekend, and I hope we'll see your (vaccinated, masked) faces at some of these shows.

Tomorrow is our first Mortified in 18 months! Get your seated tickets... and if you're worried about it being crowded, uh, it's looking like you needn't worry about that.

Also, Saturday's Hubba Hubba Revue is having a "Best Mask Contest". We use all parts of the buffalo.

And I'm really looking forward to Glüme, Orion and Desire this Sunday, and so should you.

Sequence: Boogie T, Tonight
Mortified: Friday
Lick, Friday
Hubba Hubba Summer Camp, Saturday

Bootie, Saturday
Secret Psychedelica, Saturday
Glüme, Sunday
Grimefest, Thursday
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