That I can't find an origin or attribution of this image is strangely appropriate.

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  1. Paul Hoffman says:

    I would absolutely like to hear the origin/attribution! And I'm glad that "Mantovani version" is so far in the past that the artist didn't consider it.

  2. Cayce says:

    How far did you get tracing it in the wilderness? This post (from 11/14/20, archived version from today for posterity) is the oldest I could spot. The same day, Classic FM posts it here (archived).

  3. Contextsans says:

    Very nice. I still prefer the Prado copy of the Mona Lisa to the Louvre one everyone’s familiar with.

  4. Aracan says:

    Not to be obtuse, but what is "tangetized"? The interwebs seem of more than one mind.

    • plums says:

      I think this one is the most likely explanation:

      Best Tangetized explanation found : Whoever wrote that is mistaken (or very incorrect). The verb/adjective is "Tangentized" (with an N). It's a term that has been used by Tangerine Dream fans after Edgar Froese released a collection of their tracks called "Tangents". Tangents collected old classic tracks, but they had been modified by adding instruments that couldn't have existed at the time, and/or modified in some other way, thus pissing all old fans off because classics (and I wholeheartedly agree) should never be altered. Make a new version, if you want, but leave the original alone.

      So the expression "tangentized" was created to define such an operation, which unfortunately Froese repeated in the following years.

  5. Dude says:

    Somewhere someone is looking at this mosaic and asking, "So... is this an NFT?"

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