Nacho Vidal

Spanish porn star Nacho Vidal, who likes to advertise his aromatic candles shaped like male genitalia on Twitter, has been arrested on manslaughter charges following a man's death during a mystic ritual in which he inhaled psychedelic toad venom.

The toad, a rare species which is native to the Sonoran Desert, stretching from northern Mexico into California and Arizona, secretes venom containing a very powerful natural psychedelic substance known as 5-MeO-DMT.

Local press said the ceremony took place in the country residence of Vidal, a media-savvy porn star in his mid-40s whose Twitter feed is full of ads for his 25-centimetre aromatic candles of the male genitalia, available in black, white or cerise.

This important news was overshadowed by current events for more than a year, but better late than never.

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3 Responses:

  1. Thomas Lord says:

    Today I learned that there aren't any easily located alternative sellers of scented penis candles, but Gwyneth Paltrow had a cylendrical candle whose sent earned the name "This smells like my vagina" in response to which a Canadian seller put out a same-form-factor "This smells like my penis".

    There are a lot of crudely shaped penis candles for sale as gag gifts [!??!??].

    It's only a matter of time...

  2. Philip Guenther says:

    Ah yes, the Colorado River toad. Growing up in Tucson we would hear them at night making their "braaaaap" mating call when they emerged after a good monsoon storm hit. In the morning I would go out and pull out two or three that got caught (unharmed) in the pool skimmer while mating and relocate them to the goldfish pond. Keep the dog away from them, wash your hands, and let your dreams be inspired by toad mating calls.

  3. nate says:

    I'm wonering if this guy is the inspiration for the 'Sancho' character in Orgasmo?

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