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  1. Brian Van Nieuwenhoven says:

    "And they say I'm hard to shop for" oughta be a tag on here

  2. Brent J. Nordquist says:

    "Anyway... we're in love!"

  3. Nick Lamb says:

    The UK realised that since it has a Single Payer national healthcare provider, the government already has all the data for its own citizens, and so it can ship an app that with their permission just reaches out to an API and says "Hey, give me a temporary proof I'm vaccinated" so you can show that to whoever.

    They've built similar things before, for example if you rent a vehicle here and you're licensed to drive, there's no reason you should need to show your license at the rental place -- and yet they do want to be sure you're allowed to drive the thing you're renting otherwise their insurers would throw a fit. So again the government online service will cheerfully issue temporary access codes, that the rental company can use to check you are licensed.

    For personal car insurance again the insurer might like to see if you're licensed and also whether you've incurred penalties for bad driving. Again the government built a system to let you temporarily authorize insurers to check your records. But when I last talked to someone in that industry their use of the codes was not what I expected. Parsing the data from an API takes a bunch of programming effort. Cheaper to just ask the customer if they have a code and if they do, guess they're a fine upstanding driver who has nothing to hide, grant them cheap insurance. If they say they don't have a code, just charge higher rates.

    Most recently though, with the pandemic easing I decided to get a job. My would-be new employer needs to satisfy themselves that I am eligible to work here. Being a citizen is, from this point of view, just one of many reasons that might be allowed. There's a link to an online service, and I figured that it'd be the same deal, I'm a citizen, obviously I can work here so I get a code and I give the code to the HR person.

    Nope. That exact system exists, but only for non-citizens. For citizens there is no actual technology in place. They expected you to take a passport or other documents to work, and when COVID hit their "replacement" was to tell employers it's OK to just do a Zoom call and have the new hire show them a passport on the video call.

    • Juan Antonio de los Palotes Machado says:

      > The UK realised that since it has a Single Payer national healthcare provider, the government already has all the data for its own citizens, and so it can ship an app that

      Most of European countries have that. Hell, even South America has that. Not the app, I think, but the data? Yes.

  4. Dude says:

    Now, that is cool.

    Hell, just today I got my official California Digital Vaccine QR code (aka. the "vaccine passport"), and in addition to downloading it for my phone, I also just printed out a copy and put it in the same lanyard as my medical vax card.

    Now to find a cool-looking case to carry them both in...

  5. Derpatron9000 says:

    Did they get your surname wrong?

  6. Elusis says:

    Extremely unfair of you to post this without suggesting how others might acquire such a thing.

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