I totally forgot that Elon Musk is a Goa'uld

I guess Space Karen's apartheid emerald mine was a cover story for naquadah all along.

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  1. jwz says:

    Preserving this here:

    Brandon Downey:

    Sorry I thought about this more last night. The whole premise of the first seven seasons of baddies on Stargate is a pretty awesome takedown of capitalism -- like did Marx write this as a metaphor?

    Imagine a galaxy where rich people are parasites. So much parasites that they own every aspect of capital -- including the bodies of labor. They are literal pharaohs of capital, persisting eternally until a people's revolt threw them off earth.

    The main character is a historian/academic, who nobody believes despite his having studied cycles of civilization. Sure the show spoils it a bit with its pro-military stance, but you know something for the t*nkies too?

    But yeesh the Goa'uld are the ultimate colonialists.

    Stargate: the worst written show you will think the most about. :|

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