Facebook Cow Clicker

One of the most infuriating things about Facebook is how they managed to take over the world and kneecap democracy while also being just incredibly bad at everything.

Here's how you fight the "Mark All Read" boss in the world's worst video game, "Facebook Inbox".

The interns are running the asylum.

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5 Responses:

  1. Dude says:

    Are they still doing that shit where they change everyone's e-mail to "(at) facebook" ?

    When I finally killed my account for good years back, that was one of the factors that made it tough to get the contact info of everyone I still wanted to have contact with.

  2. Juan Antonio de los Palotes Machado says:

    > The interns are running the asylum.

    No, the ones that measure 'engagement' are running the asylum. _You_ are an intern...

  3. Karellen says:

    Like Farcebook, Reddit is also awful for a lot of other reasons, but the thing that frustrates me on a daily basis comes from just loading the website. The top menu bar has a bunch of useless crap, followed by icons for "chat", "messages" and "create post", and then the large "Reddit gold" lozenge.

    The "Reddit gold" lozenge starts off containing the words "Get Coins", but at some point in the page load process something comes along and changes the wording to "Free", which is shorter, and causes the lozenge to shrink. This makes all the icons to its left shift over to fill the space, and the "Chat" icon ends up where the "Messages" was. Oftentimes when I load Reddit, I have new messages from people who've replied to stuff I've written, which I am (surprisingly) normally interested to read. But just as I go to click "Messages" to read them, the "Chat" button jumps in below the cursor and I end up opening the chat window instead.


    Why can't the "Reddit gold" lozenge contain the right wording to begin with? Or just disappear entirely?

  4. ssl-3 says:

    old.reddit.com is your friend. There are also zero-bullshit browser extensions that exist just to quietly redirect you to old.reddit.com instead of other Reddit links.

    Combine this with Reddit Enhancement Suite and suddenly it's not a completely terrible place to hang out anymore.

  5. Norse says:

    A lot of it is by design to encourage obsessive behavior and-or increase favorable personality traits congruent with positive advertising outcomes.

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