Wow! This Woman Just Spent 40 Minutes Investigating A Twitter Beef Even Though She Has but One Life on God's Green Earth

Some people just march to the beat of their own drums, and Kelsea Green proves it: This young woman spent 40 precious minutes reading through and researching a Twitter beef that bears no relevance to her whatsoever, and all while she has but one life to live on this miraculous blue marble.

[...] "After almost an hour of investigation, I accidentally clicked the home button and lost everything, so then I just moved on," Kelsea says. "I wouldn't say I learned anything, per se, but I would say the whole experience left me feeling a little bit anxious and bad?"

Kelsea lives within walking distance of multiple free museums and hasn't spoken to her brother, who she loves and gets along with well, in six weeks.

"They say to live like you're dying, but no one really does that," Kelsea says. "Maybe it's less about being adventurous, and more about finding meaning by being present, grateful, and intentional. But I choose to do neither and just sort of avoid thinking about it."

We applaud your unique approach!

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