Today in Dunning-Krugerrand news

I'm not going to link to the article, but I will just note that it is journalistic malpractice that this headline says "cow poo" instead of "bullshit".

I mean, the article that I am not linking to contains other acts of journalistic malpractice as well (credulity, publishing a company press release, pretending that the opinions of billionaire celebrities matter) but the headline is really the cherry on this bullshit sundae.

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  1. dzm says:

    My neighbor runs a few thousand head of cattle (welcome to scenic Napa county). I wonder if I could convince him to let me "harvest" his bullshit (and cowshit) to feed a methane-powered generator. I'd even promise not to use it to grind for Bitcoin.

    He's an ass though. I don't think he'd let me.

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