And you will know my name is THE LORD when you accept my TRACKING COOKIE

Prayer Posts:

Facebook confirmed that the social media platform is currently testing the prayer post feature. "Our mission to give people the power to build community extends to the world's largest community; the faith community," Nona Jones, head of Global Faith Partnerships at Facebook, said in a written statement to Religion News Service.

(I can't find any source for these important informations from a site without 'Christian' or 'Religion' in its name, so this may be bullshit.)

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  1. Emma H says:

    The article cites a tweet from Robert P. Jones, who is a legit person and writer.

    Can't wait for the calls to impreachatory prayer on Facebook (those are the ones where you beg God to fuck up people, usually because of Rock and Roll and a lack of Evangelically mandated and approved shame.)

    • k3ninho says:

      "After showing that traumatic and emotive engagement was powerful and more engaging than factual content, we took apart the hippocampus of some contractors from our Global South outreach and discovered that guilt, shame and obligation (such as patronage) were untapped emotive engines.
      "Today, we're proud to announce we can target these emotions so advertisers can speak directly to marks as we monetise your endless scroll."
      Nirvana Project Press Release.


  2. Dude says:

    Not having been on the site for years, I'm still curious how FB's infamous Russian hackers will respond.

    It would be fuckin' hilarious if they spammed every post with a Russian anti-religion poster, like this cheery one which literally reads "There is no God!":

    • phuzz says:

      In the Soviet era, the church was suppressed, presumably to prevent it gaining any power that might threaten the government.
      Putin however has co-opted the Orthodox church, so there's not an official anti-religion policy any more. It's become a useful tool for him to consolidate his grip on power.

      Outside Russia though I assume they'll use this thing like everything else, as a cheap way of sowing disruption in other countries. So they'll post anti-religious screeds pretending to be one half of the population, and pro-religion memes pretending the other half, then sit back and enjoy the chaos.

  3. Erin says:

    I just had to check my calendar to make sure it said "2021" instead of "1950". If there really is an Invisible Sky Being, they've probably thrown their invisible hands up and floated off to create another universe as a do-over by this point.

    • Zygo says:

      You can tell it's from 2021 because the text is blue. Notification dialogs before 1953 were all black and white.

    • tfb says:

      It is one of the sad downsides of running a multiverse: you will often find that branches which once seemed promising, but then one of the usual rots sets in and, once it becomes clear there's no longer anything you can do to stop it spreading, you just have to abandon them. While no real harm is done by letting them run to conclusion it's usually considered good practice to prune them in due course. This is best done close to the branch point, excising the rotten branch and all its subbranches. This should certainly be done if you are intending to enter your multiverse into competition: judges will generally not consider entrants with rotting branches. Use a pruning saw in the way described in chapter 4, being sure to treat the stub as described there: if untreated it is possible that the branch will regrow in an unattractive way.

      While there is ongoing research into the notion of cross-branch linkage (see for instance The DAG hypothesis by A Thoth et al and references therein), there is no good evidence that rot can spread either between branches or can spread down a branch and across branching points.

    • dcapacitor says:

      Only 30% of people in the US identify as non-religious. The US also has the world's largest Christian population.

      It's surprising it took Facebook that long to introduce e-praying.

  4. Julio Viegas says:

    "head of Global Faith Partnerships"

  5. pinback says:

    Will there be an online confession booth too? Blessing to the masses.

  6. Derpatron9000 says:

    As someone who has never used FaceBook, is this supposed to replace the sudo meme reply 'Thoughts and prayers'?

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