Today in Hot Superyacht Probs

Jeff Bezos' superyacht is so big it needs its own yacht.

The world's richest man is buying a boat, though that word feels inappropriately sensible for the monstrosity going to Captain Bezos: a 417-foot superyacht that's so massive it has its own "support yacht" with a helipad. The estimated cost, not including the boat's support boat, is $500 million.

Half a billion bucks is an inconceivable amount of money for most people, but it's a small fraction of the $75 billion that Bezos gained in 2020 alone. His total net worth stands just shy of $200 billion. Amazon stock rose a staggering 75% last year. [...]

Recent quarters for superyachts have been record-breaking, one analyst told Bloomberg. Makers of extravagant yachts can barely keep up. "It's impossible to get a slot in a new-build yard," the analyst said. "They're totally booked."

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15 Responses:

  1. Dude says:

    I mean... you need something to sail you out to international waters where you can commit crimes to celebrate the fact that you hoarded wealth and busted a union whilst your own employees starve.

    And since Bezos is Lex Luthor, then Elon Musk is definitely Bond villain Goldfinger... as proven by how he "jokes" about being Dr. Evil and actually has a secret Tesla site called "Project Goldfinger".

    • tfb says:

      Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk are who Bond villains aspired to be. In real life they were neither as rich nor as villainous.

      • Dude says:

        Then maybe they're both trying to be Hank Scorpio?

        Naw, that's not right; Hank Scorpio actually gave his employees homes, great salaries, great benefits, and - lest we forget - hammocks.

        • tfb says:

          Also probably didn't spend his time planning insane Mars-colonization schemes which (a) won't work, (b) if they did work would have deeply terrible consequences for everyone left on Earth (if you work out the carbon cost of lifting large numbers of people from Earth it's ... bad), especially and conveniently poor brown people.

          Oh yes, and also casually fucking up the work of astronomers so he can make some more money.

  2. John Styles says:

    I'm sure I could find out if I searched some more but how does this work? Once he lands in his helicopter on the support yacht how does he get to the main yacht? Catapult? Zip-wire?

  3. robert_ says:

    I like the pundit who described the smaller one as his 'emotional support yacht'.

    • Not Frank says:

      Question is, is it the emotional support yacht for Bezos... or the larger yacht?

      I know if I wound up incarnating as the spirit of Bezos's yacht, I'd need an emotional support yacht.

  4. Agent_K says:

    This reminds me of once seeing Paul Allen’s superyacht, Octopus, in the harbor. That also had two helipads, and boats and speedboats hanging off the side of it, some of which I would have naïvely called yachts themselves.

    So maybe this is par for the course in the Superyacht world, the repository of all human knowledge claims that the Octopus is currently only the 20th largest yacht in the world. And of course it flies the flag of the Cayman Islands, because when you have that much money why pay taxes?

    • AntaBaka says:

      "because when you have that much money why pay taxes?"

      You'll never get that rich in the first place by paying full taxes, that's for sure. Then you can be a "philantropist", doling out money to whatever YOU think is important instead of what would have been financed by your taxes.

  5. Pronay Paulus says:

    wait until the angry mob comes for nightclub owners

    • furpus the blurpus says:

      the subset of the angry mob that actually visits is pretty capable of weighing the economic damage done by a hojillionaire against the damage done by a nightclub owner and coming to a conclusion that is not pants-on-head stupid. your boring troll was boring. give me your mother's phone number so i can call her and tell her that her crotch-effluvius is being boring and stupid in public.

      • Pronay Paulus says:

        You are the only one here who talks about a "subset" of the angry mob. A mob, by definition, isn't capable of making fine distinctions, they will destroy your life's achievements faster than you can blink with your eyes. Read about the kulaks maybe.

        Next time I visit your mother I will leave the number on her nightstand, right next to the used condom.

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