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=== XEmacs ===
[[File:Xemacs-21.5.b29.png|thumb|[[XEmacs]] 21.5 on [[GNU]]/[[Linux]] ]]
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=== XEmacs ===
[[File:Xemacs-21.5.b29.png|thumb|[[XEmacs]] 21.5 on [[Linux]] ]]

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  1. Zygo says:

    "The consensus of discussions in Talk:Linux/Name is that the point of view of the FSF is not the common English-language usage."

    but that's on a page titled "Wikipedia:Manual_of_Style/Computing_(failed_proposal)" so yeah how much for my own bowl of popcorn?

    • tfb says:

      I know people who work in large scientific and commercial organisations with large-to-very-large numbers of systems. I have never heard anyone at those places call the OS they run 'GNU/Linux'. In fact I don't think I've ever heard anyone call it that in real life. (That might be because if I did I'd be pretty sure to avoid talking to that person ever again if I could though.)

      In fact, has anyone not directly indoctrinated by the FSF ever called it that?

  2. Proud to say that this was one of the two times the internet bled through unpleasantly into my real life, when the FSF called my boss and tried to get me fired for the original edits that led to all those discussions.


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