DNA Lounge: Wherein we're... hiring?

Governor Newsom says that on June 15th California will be doing The Full Florida. Obviously a lot can happen in 54 days, and for all we know the whole state might shut down again instead, but since there's a chance that we're going to be allowed to operate at a normal capacity by mid-June, we have to start making plans... and by plans I mean "spending money".

As such, we're looking for a Bar Manager! Is that you? Here's our job posting.

Bar Manager

    Job Description:

      The historic DNA Lounge is currently seeking an experienced bar manager. We are a high volume nightclub and live music venue in need of an energetic and effective leader to oversee our bar program and staff. Candidates should be motivated and passionate about the hospitality industry.


    • 3+ years of management experience in the industry.
    • A track record of proven success developing relationships with liquor reps and creating promotional opportunities.
    • Demonstrable understanding of inventory cost management and profit/loss analysis.
    • A willingness to independently seek out, identify, and keep up with changing beverage trends.
    • A positive attitude and communication skills with staff, management, and patrons.


    • Developing a regular schedule of promotions and deals with our sales reps.
    • Oversight of bar staff, ensuring adherence to best practices, and creating a positive work culture.
    • Independently identifying and executing on bar maintenance and cleaning needs.
    • Accurate inventory control and supply ordering.
    • Leading staff by example in providing exceptional customer service.


      Commensurate with experience.

    To apply:

We are also going to be hiring restaurant staff for DNA Pizza, as it appears that half of our restaurant crew have moved away over the last 13 months... If you're interested, email jobs@dnapizza.com.

Also, please go get yourself vaccinated so you can come party with us! Two thirds of San Franciscans have received at least their first shot (which is great!) But according to this survey, only 29% of San Franciscans said they are ready to return right away.

So that doesn't really bode well for our ability to function as a business. As you may recall, we were deeply in the red during the Before Times of 2019, so taking that and then slashing it by two thirds does not result in a business that can survive.

There has been so much talk about Government programs that might keep us alive: Payroll Protection Program 2, Shuttered Venue Operations Grant, Restaurant Revitalization Fund, SF Music and Entertainment Recovery Fund, SF Storefront Business Grant, and half a dozen smaller grants with tiny payouts... but none -- none -- of these programs have dispersed even a penny. Half of them, you can't even apply for yet. But every few days we get another cheerleading email from them telling us "help is on the way", "hurry up and wait", "we just discovered that running a web site is hard, did you know that?", "line up at the starting line for the first-come first-served Death Race to financial support, which we swear, will open Real Soon Now."

NPR: Shuttered Venues Still Waiting For Government Aid Announced In December.

DECEMBER. And here we are, with not a penny.

What I'm saying is, there's never a bad time for you to up your contribution on our Patreon or make a one-time donation -- now with Apple Pay support!

And stop by this weekend for our in-person parklet DJ sets. This weekend: Splash, Turbo Drive, The Church of Drum and Bass, and Apothecary Raree. And probably something on Sunday afternoon, but I'm not sure what.

Turbo Drive
Church of D+B
Apothecary Raree
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